Daily_worker_fund_picThe Morning Star's editor Bill Benfield, explains why the newspaper is different from the other dailies as the only one that stands up to capitalist injustice. Well, 80 years have passed and the people's paper is still here which in itself is no mean feat as you will see from the contents of this supplement.

Fire, war, bans, court actions, bailiffs and bankruptcies, we've seen the lot but, with more than a little help from our friends - you - we've kept going.

The paper has been born and cannot be allowed to die, said Harry Pollitt and, in that at least, we have held true to the promises of our forebears.

But it's not enough.

Just continuing to exist may be a minor miracle, but there's much more on our agenda.

Socialism, for example.

This paper doesn't exist just to make money, unlike the other members of the national daily press, which is probably a good thing, because it doesn't.

For 80 years we have existed to serve a need, not a bank balance, and we will continue to exist until that need is met.

It's the need for a paper to fight for the interests of working people, to make them aware that other options exist than the dreary capitalism loved by the Tories and adopted with the brittle and over-the-top enthusiasm of the convert by new Labour.

It's the need to assist in the organisation of the working class into a unit that can withstand, resist and eventually dominate the ruling class that still, as it did in the days of the paper's foundation, exploits, robs and, on occasion, sacrifices the lives of working people in its unending pursuit of profit.

And it's the need to give the lie to the distortions and half-truths that the capitalists' tame titles pump endlessly out to poison the consciousness of a class which is subjected in school, in universities, on TV and in the press to the capitalists' big lie.

That lie is that somehow, in some peculiar and distorted manner, we need them.

We need them and their market, we are told, to make decisions that we are not fit to make ourselves. We need them because we are incapable of morality or of organisation without the products of the public schools and top-drawer universities to guide us benevolently on our way.

We need them to inform our opinions and frame our policies, to spend our money and to protect us from harm.

Well, we don't and the paper is here to say it long and loudly.

Much was made of the collapse of the Soviet Union after billions upon billions from all the major capitalist nation had been directed towards provoking that collapse.

But little is said about the ongoing collapse of capitalism, which continues despite the billions and billions spent trying to prop it up.

We exist to correct that imbalance and more, to try to suggest alternatives to the culture of exploitation and abuse is capitalism.

We don't pretend to have all the answers. We don't even claim to know all the questions.

But one thing we do know and that is that the people who work, who produce the wealth and maintain the world we live in, are infinitely preferable to those who live off others and those who believe that there can be such a thing as an "honest profit," providing that it finds its way into their pockets.

To the percentage men, the skimmers and the profiteers we only say this - that until this paper ceases to exist, there will always be one voice to draw attention to your abuses and your crimes.

And we aren't going anywhere.