The Morning Star is publishing an international pullout this weekend to mark the centenery of World War 1 with views and analysis which breaks with the establishment consensus and offers a socialist perspective on the bloodshed, putting the record straight.

The pullout will be published simultaneously in four countries as part of a unique collaboration between four socialist newspapers - including Arbejderen of Denmark, junge Welt of Germany and Zeitung vum Letzebuerger Vollek of Luxembourg - the Morning Star is publishing a pullout souvenir edition with contributions from historians, activists and commentators.

The Morning Star will have eight pages of hard-hitting feature pieces and pictures on "the war that didn't end all wars", led to slaughter on an industrial scale and a legacy of imperialism and conflict which continues to this day.

Acting Editor Ben Chacko said:"I know of no newspaper in Britain which is joining hands with others in Europe, and especially Germany, to tell the truth about the carnage of the first world war, why it happened, and who profited from it.

"We were then, as in many respects we are now, a nation of lions led by donkeys. We will not let David Cameron and his media cronies hijack history and portray this centenery as a patriotic exercise for the election of a Tory Government."

"This is a unique and fruitful collaboration between four major newspapers of the European Left. It is not a one-off, and we intend to come together again to offer working people of our countries a socialist perspective on the issues that matter to us all."

The souvenir edition is free in this weekends 32-page Morning Star (Saturday and Sunday 2/3 August), but for those who want extra copies or special orders of the souvenir edition can order it from the Morning Star online shop. For bulk orders email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 020 8510 0815.