STAR EDITORIAL - Only a sovereign Greece can deal with crisis

THE Greek government portrays its decision to call a referendum on acceptance or rejection of the demands of the EU-European Central Bank-IMF troika as an act of resistance.
In reality, it is a manoeuvre designed to persuade the Greek people that Syriza and its right-wing coalition ally Anel are fighting to defend their living standards against the bastions of neoliberalism. Read Morning Star editorial in full.

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GRIFFITHS - Blocking the path of the Right

The only alternative to a Labour government is one led by the Tories, who want to intensify their pogrom against the poor, sick and disabled, writes Robert Griffiths, CP general secretary.

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Morning Star marks WW1 centenary

The Morning Star is publishing an international pullout this weekend to mark the centenery of World War 1 with views and analysis which breaks with the establishment consensus and offers a socialist perspective on the bloodshed, putting the record straight.

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