Communist Party statement in response to the Daily Mail report 'BA Militants and a Plot to Control Labour' (March 24)

It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party fully supports BA cabin crew and their union Unite in the battle to defend pay and working conditions against a vicious management. Nor is it a shock that the anti-trade union, anti-working class Daily Mail is launching a series of hysterical attacks against workers who have voted democratically and overwhelmingly to take action. Like other socialists, the Communist Party has never made any secret of its wish to see the labour movement take back control of the Labour Party from the New Labour faction and its policies of privatisation and imperialist war.

Labour Movement must go on Offensive

Women will be bearing the brunt of the capitalist recession more and more, in terms of cuts in public services and jobs and through an upturn in domestic violence’, Anita Halpin declared at the Communist Party of Britain’s executive on Sunday.

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