'Negotiations not Colonialism' in Libya, urge CP

‘The capture of the British SAS unit in Libya is a sharp reminder of the imminent danger of British and US military intervention’, Communist Party international secretary John Foster warned today (March 8).  

‘There was no parliamentary notification or approval', he pointed out, 'and it was preceded by British proposals for a No Fly Zone – as previously used in Iraq – which would involve widespread aerial bombardment'.

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COMMUNIST SPEAKING TOUR: "the most extensive in a generation"

Communist Party executive members are embarking on a speaking tour which, according to general secretary Robert Griffiths is, ".. the most extensive in a generation. At these meetings we will be able to demonstrate that the CP stands shoulder to shoulder with those opposing the effects of the ruling class offensive, principally cuts to public services and job shedding, as well as propose alternatives."  At these meetings, workers are invited to question and make their views known and there will be the opportunity to meet local communists, supporters and activists from the anti cuts movement. There will be the opportunity to join the CP too. You can read localities here. If you want a speaker to visit your meeting, contact us here.

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CP's response to local authority budget cuts

The Communist Party calls on all local councillors to make clear:
1. the budget that would be required to maintain the services they provide to their local communities
2. the degree to which the cuts will mean they will fall short of this budget
3. the nature and size of the damage that would be caused if such cuts were imposed

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