Support the Living Wage Campaign

The Young Communist League welcomes Living Wage Week (3rd - 9th Nov) and urges young workers and students to support the demonstrations and lobbies in support of the campaign.

The living wage campaign has highlighted the inadequacies of the minimum wage in meeting the rising cost of living and has thrust the lowest-paid workers’ daily struggle to get by into the spotlight.

On the campaign website, it points to independent research showing that employers have seen that paying workers more means they are more productive and their work is of a higher quality. More importantly it allows employees to better provide for their families.

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Young Communist League condemns EU's anti-communist legislation

During this past week steps have been taken towards banning the communist movement in Europe. The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation has submitted to the European Parliament, its document ‘A Model National Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance’ with the view to this being enshrined in law.

Despite the seemingly banal and benign title, the YCL notes the highly dangerous substance at its core.

Section 2 of the document tells us that “the purpose of this statute is to take concrete action…with a view to eliminating…totalitarian ideologies”. Not only this, but it states its guarantee of tolerance to all groups, including social classes.

The insult then is twofold. The first we are all used to: the slander that communism is a totalitarian ideology. The second is a much more cunning and crafty ploy. Disguised as tolerance, the Trojan Horse of anti-communism is sneaked in. This itself, is in essence, totalitarian ideology. That which the ECTR claims its purpose is to eliminate, is its very own identifying nature.<!--more-->

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Support the UK universities Halloween Strike

The YCL calls on all students across the UK to support the strike action called by UCU, UNISON and Unite for tomorrow 31st of October. On Thursday students should not attend lectures, tutorials or seminars etc. or use university library, or any other facilities, while the strike action is taking place.

Where possible attend the local joint union rallies taking place in support of the strike. Young Communists and all students place themselves firmly on the side of the workers striking for fair pay in higher education tomorrow. Unity is strength! UCU Statement 29/10/13: "Unions disappointed employers refused talks to try and avert Thursday's walkout UK universities will be hit with the most widespread disruption for years on Thursday as members of UCU, UNISON and Unite take their first coordinated strike action in a row over pay. The unions said they were disappointed the employers had refused talks to try and divert Thursday's walkout, but said they are still prepared to meet for eleventh hour talks.

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Ryan Boyle reports on standing for the YCL and CP in the recent Govan By-election

Looking back on the campaign, one of the first things that surprised me was the level of collective effort required to make any kind of impact. The introductory leaflets, election addresses, the campaigning strategies, the public meetings, etc. all of these things had to be grounded out and acted upon at an early stage to give us a decent chance of getting our message out. If it wasn't for the commitment of other comrades, the communist campaign wouldn't have seen the light of day. There was never any real belief that we would win, the Communist Party have rarely won electorally. Yet it was never about that for us. Our goal was to convince people that there was, and is, an alternative to the neoliberal paradigm that has imposed such harsh austerity measures on some of the most vulnerable people in society. We wanted to let people in Govan, and further afield, know that there are organisations and people who refuse to accept the unfair hand working people have been dealt and who want to see fundamental change which could radically improve their lives; a message that wasn't really on offer from any other political party. What I found striking about the campaign was the level of political disaffection among Govanites.

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