IWD 2011 Celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day - speech of the repreentative of the communists of Sudan

Speaker Dr. Amal G. Sidahmed
Member of Central Committee, Communist Party of Sudan (CPOS)
Greetings and congratulations on this day to all women all over the globe, special greetings to women in the Communist Parties and Progressive movements who are fighting along with the working class for equality, justice and socialism. I would like to send a strong message of greetings and cordial salute to women striving in the Middle East countries for Democracy, Peace and Bread. I would like also to extend my congratulations on this day to women in the Islamic political groups, because if they were fully aware of their rights as women they would never belong to these groups in the very beginning, of course we should salute and add our strong voices to women in trade unions, women in the for front in the struggle against capitalism and imperialism who are trying to abate the impact of the current crisis on the working class and on the poor.
We celebrate the IWD not only to have fun and congratulate each other, but to debate, analyse, criticise and review our contribution to women emancipation and women cause.
In Sudan, our celebration of the IWD this year is different. As you know our country was torn apart by a long going war. Recently, and as a result of a referendum, the South of Sudan voted for full independence from the North of Sudan. This decision of the South to secede came as a result of devastating policies and actions by the despotic regime of the Islamic National Salvation junta and its political party The National Congress Party, among which, the infamous Jihad War and the lack of honest involvement to the full implementation of the Naifasha Accord and its resultant Comprehensive Peace Agreement. The separation of South Sudan was fostered and encouraged by the American Government and it allies including the British Government. Obviously we support the right of self determination of the people of South Sudan and respect their choice as a democratic right, yet we hold that it should be conducted in a democratic context and democratic environment, which was lacking in this case. It will be an organic and integral part of a democratic process, given the right circumstances. Separation will not solve the problems of the people of Sudan North or south, what will solve these problems are Democracy, Peace, equal Citizenship and Development. Unfortunately the media in UK only reflects the Sudanese government policies and opinion.
The major concern in Sudan now is the on going of the war in Darfur which has been neglected by the media here and in other European Countries; we believe this is not an accidental oversight. It is a deal between the USA and its allies and the Government of Sudan. It is agreed that the Sudan will go for separation and they will keep a blind eye on Darfur and treat it as an internal tribal conflict in spite of numerous resolutions by the UN council and the African Union, of course they are concerned about their share in the Sudanese OIL and mineral resources, investments and other interests in the Sudan.
The current financial crisis and the associated policies of privatisation resulted in the deterioration of state sponsored services including education, health and environmental services which affected the lives and well being of millions of Sudanese people.
We have 6 million internal displaced people as a result of war and poverty; most of them are women and children. Women plight in Sudan is a daily happening, recently women were subjected to brutal harassments and oppression due to the implementation of what is called public order laws which are part of the Islamic Laws adopted since 1983. Many Women including activists were detained, tortured and raped.
Since the advent of the current regime me in 1989, rape became a weapon in the hands of security organs and as government sanctioned tool in the current political situation.
The reason of escalation of this barbaric practice is because we were not daring enough to stop rape in Nubba Mountains in the 90s and recently in Darfur. It is now in Khartoum, Women and Students of Sudan are in the front line, and therefore they face more oppression and aggressive actions by the government.
The CPOS call on all the Sudanese in the opposition to unite in a wide front for democracy and peace to save the country from the abyss it is staring right in the eye, and to accumulate all its forces to topple and remove this despotic regime and create a change that meets the needs and aspirations of the Sudanese people.
Dear all,
We, the Women of the Communist Parties should be up to the challenge we face. The struggle against imperialism is getting tougher and tougher in spite of its current crisis and becoming more complex. We need to be up to our role as it is not enough to repeat that women emancipation is associated with the working class victory. It is not as simple as that. We have to face today’s challenge on the theoretical, organisational and political levels to build women movement not elitist groups. We need to meet more frequently than once a yea to share experiences, develop strategies and organise our selves in order to move forwards from the current quagmire. Let us start today on the memory of Rosa Luxemburg and honour this great women in this great day.
Thank you for your attention.