Construction_safetyTom’s recent illness has sadly left him dependent on 24-hour

care. Family and friends have rallied to assist, offering their

support to a truly legendary man, loved and respected the world

over. You can get tickets for the benefit. View Events.


Tom has, unselfishly, dedicated his life to the health, safety and

welfare of communities, organisations and workers. Fought

tirelessly to improve the lives of ordinary people across the globe.

Campaigning for the basic rights of workers, which are now

common practice within many industries.

Successfully bringing communities together, organizing festivals,

concerts, fund raising events for the benefit of local people.

Lobbying government to improve people’s basic living rights.

From children to the elderly, Mr. Tom Finn has significantly

impacted our lives for the better. A true man of the people whose

life long social, industrial and environmental accomplishments;

must not be forgotten.

To reserve your tickets or send a

donation; Please Contact:

John Houlihan

37, Maylands Avenue, Elm Park,

Hornchurch Essex RM12 5BB.

Tel: 01708 477076

Mob: 07930 606665


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