ITF_logoThe ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation), which is coordinating international support for the BA cabin crew and Unite union, today reported more unions lining up to back their colleagues at BA.

Aviation trade unions at BA destinations in the USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Norway, India, The Netherlands, Canada, Jordan and Argentina have all publicly declared that they will be taking sympathy action on the strike days. Unions in other countries have plans in place but have chosen not to declare them in advance for tactical reasons.

The ITF is unequivocal in stating that all those involved are still utterly committed to a hoped-for negotiated settlement, and strongly urge BA management to return to talks that could avoid the need for the strike, for solidarity action and for potential delays and inconvenience to passengers.

Gabriel Mocho, ITF Civil Aviation Section Secretary stated: “Significant numbers of major unions have drawn up plans on how they will react if a solution isn’t found by Saturday. I’m sorry that, for obvious reasons, we can’t give out in advance what these are.”

“Mobilising that sort of support is our stock in trade, but we’ve seen it snowball since Friday when the company withdrew an offer that might have solved the dispute. It’s that action that has given the solidarity effort a particular edge, because it has been taken by airline workers globally as a sign that this isn’t about the normal give and take of negotiation - instead it appears to be an attempt by Willie Walsh to break the union.”

The ITF is a global union federation with 751 member trade unions, representing 4,669,720 members in 154 countries. Two hundred and sixty four of those unions represent workers in the aviation sector, including cabin crew, pilots, ground staff, baggage handlers and air traffic controllers