Stickers2010_mcjobsFor Work! Rebuild Industry! Union members of Unite will gather this weekend to discuss the fight for industry, to protect jobs and develop strategies to oppose the rundown of British industry.

Amongst calls will be for government measures to:

1. Control the export of capital for investment abroad, and introduce restrictions on the transfer of profitable production from the UK to cheaper locations elsewhere.

2. Intervene to support domestic production in key industries where they are unfairly exposed to low cost competition from overseas.

3. Control the Bank of England and effect changes to interest rates policy to benefit manufacturing rather than the banks.

4. Create and protect jobs through government investment, including by taking equity ownership (i.e. shares) with full voting rights in firms receiving any kind of financial assistance from the public purse.

6. Support manufacturing in Britain, through effective public procurement measures to ensure the public sector supports and purchases from domestic industries and services.

7. Invest in clean coal technology to accommodate mining and obviate the millions of pounds spent on imported coal while at the same time creating engineering jobs.

With the loss of jobs suffered in recent years, and continuing threats, including at BA, it is important that consideration is given to practical but strategic demands. A campaign to popularise such measures would allow organised workers to be thinking, planning and acting before the axe falls.