Communist party members; teachers, lecturers and students as well as others employed in Education, from England, Scotland and Wales will gather in Derby in March in the run up to the annual conferences of the major education unions over Easter.


The day conference will meet in a new venue next to Derby station - see events - and papers will be published on the site soon after. The Advisory meets at a difficult time with the threat of cuts to funding and significant job losses imposed in higher education. The NUT and head teacher's union, NAHT, are moving towards jointly balloting for action to block the administration of this years SATs. 

With the general election now in play, comrades will have an opportunity to develop strategic thinking around an Education Charter - already NUT policy - allied to the People's Charter.

In addition there will be a full report back on the International conference of communist educators recently held in Brussels which dealt with pan Europe proposals related to the Prague Declaration. This declaration, seeks to reverse the commonly held view of the causes and outcomes of the Second World War as well as downplaying the Holocaust and attacking the achievements of socialism in the USSR. It has been condemned in the UN General Assembly but the EU are pressing ahead with plans to influence education curricula in EU member countries.



This meeting will elect a steering group of a manageable size which will meet twice further each year, and more if necessary. This steering group will keep all members - and the Party generally - informed of its work.