Working towards a programme for industrial regeneration


The CP is now engaged in a dialogue with organised workers across Britain through which we seek to develop a programme for all those interested in halting the decline of Britain's industry and to prepare a pamphlet for circulation in workplaces and unions in industry - public and private and in agriculture.

The pamphlet will deal with issues of:

  • ■ powers of local and national governments to influence the direction of industry skill and investment
  • ■ the restrictions imposed by the European Union and the European Court of Justice
  • ■ the forms of support which can be made available to industry
  • ■ the most effective way which the industrial skill and experience of workers can be handed across the generations
  • ■ asserting the national interest of Britain as a class question, based on a programme of developing manufacturing and extending ■ solidarity across borders within companies and industries
  • ■ development of strategies for research and investment
  • ■ use of worker initiative to experiment and apply new technologies,
  • ■ the impact of manufacturing on the environment and ensuring that such a programme is sustainable
  • ■ where our interests are best served when engaging in trade
  • ■ how industry can be funded and
  • ■ how pension funds and credit unions can be directed toward progressive activity such as house building.

It is intended that the question of industry, transport and distribution take centre stage in the national debate about the future of the country before, during and after the general election in 2010.

If you wish to talk about the section of industry you work in or want to take part in discussing the proposed pamphlet, write to us here.