On February 11th and 12th, the Communist Party will host its annual School for CP trade union activists and supporters at its Head Offices in Croydon. The School will be held over a weekend to allow time for speeches, discussion, an important briefing session and contributions from participants. Sessions will include a review of 'The State of The Nation' in the context of the struggle against the impact of the capitalist crisis and for socialism. 

This session will look in detail at the role of unions as set out in the new edition of Britain's Road to Socialism.

The first afternoon will be given over to a briefing and education session on the EU and popular sovereignty. Now is the time to be clear on where the threat to Britain's workers is being organised and implemented. This session will equip you with the ideas and the facts.

Sunday will be based on break out sessions around CP industry and subject commissions and advisories covering every aspect of the fight for industry, jobs, skill and public services and for the defence of education, the NHS, local government and civil service from privatisation. There will be a report on developments at the Morning Star, which has struggled valiantly in 2011 to put the workers' case.

The second day will close with a review of party organisation in the union movement and discussion and decisions on CP priorities for Labour Movement campaigns.

The School is open to supporters who can apply for credentials here but place numbers are restricted so please do get in touch before attending.

CP members should apply to their party branches, districts, nations and advisories for financial assistance, and to party centre if none is forthcoming. Comrades need to book early here.