Bill Greenshields and Robert Griffiths – Chair and General Secretary of Communist Party opened a session on Britain’s Road to Socialism.

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In opening, Bill said, “The capitalist class is now rampant and driven by a crisis of its own making. Cameron's speech at the United Nations  was a declaration of class war, raised to a new level. The day to day struggle will not be sufficient to roll back the employer’s worldwide offensive. Workers need something that is more than the trade union struggle, it must be a struggle of union and a struggle for socialism.”

Robert Griffiths spoke about  the new edition of the Communist Party Programme Britain’s Road to Socialism. “We emphasise the leading role of workers in the struggle for transforming society. This is a revolutionary role. The role arises not just because of the sheer numbers and proportion of workers in society. The working class represents the overwhelming majority of the people. This class has the most to gain from combating the system of oppression. The workers have the capacity to resist exploitation. Capitalism would cease functioning if workers turned fundamentally against the system.”

He continued, "Workers are organized and the communists are making novel proposals – new thinking to meet new and some old challenges - which promote unity amongst workers bringing together those in work, with the unemployed, migrant workers, young workers and those in precarious employment. These issues and differences have to be dealt with rather than ignored. This unity must also “hold between private and public sector workers and between the Scottish and Welsh TUCs and the British TUC.

"The new edition of the BRS will find resonance as workers act and come into action in the coming months. Challenging capitalism clarifies the issues and sharpens the class-divide.

"The communists come in to their own in the battle for ideas: arguing for an alternative, for the labour movement to sort out the quality of political representation and ensure that Labour voices the interests of workers in Parliament. We have a rich range of CP literature and branches must re double efforts to organize the study of politics and engagement with workers. Especially young workers. The activity to roll out discussion of the CP Programme and take it through meetings and education sessions, a national speaking tour and conferences such as this will be our biggest and most extensive party campaign in decades."