The attack on Bombardier workers represents a massive escalation of the previous and current attacks on the people of Derby through ConDem government cuts to public services writes by Moz Greenshields.

These spending cuts - £30 million this year and a further £30 million over the next 3 years will mean around 1400 – 1500 people’s jobs are planned to go in the City… roughly the same number as at Bombardier. And this is repeated in every town and city up and down the country
Nothing could better illustrate the fact that workers in both the manufacturing private sector and in the public sector services need to unite to get rid of this unelected government, cobbled together out of two parties that each lost the general election – a government of millionaires determined to make workers pay for their economic crisis.
In Derby, public spending cuts will close six children’s centres, two old people’s homes and four youth centres. Home care support for the disabled and elderly, and day and residential care will be slashed. There will be cuts to the youth psychology service, to school crossing patrols and to support for children with special needs. Community, sports and leisure centres will be privatised or closed. Bin collections and recycling collection banks will be reduced. Library and museums will have their opening hours, budgets, resources and projects cut, with the same story in adult education. More than half the work on climate change and the environment is to be cut. And you can’t even escape it by dieing – there are to be increased burial & cremation charges!
It’s the same government attacking manufacturing industry and jobs, and attacking public services – and it is the same European Union “procurement rules” and “liberalisation directives” that are being used to do it.
At the same time the government continually tries to use “divide and rule” tactics – attempting to drive a wedge between private sector and public sector workers. In this they are failing – as shown by the fact that public support was high for the public sector workers’ action to defend their pensions – despite all the government lies and media misinformation.
Now we need a growing tide of trade union co-ordinated industrial action across both private and public sector, building  and preparing for general strike action, supported by our communities, to get rid of this anti working class government.
All over Europe the economic crisis and the imposition of “austerity measures” against ordinary people, while the rich get richer still, are bringing more and more workers into determined action. We owe it to ourselves, our communities and future generations in Derby, in Britain and Europe to do our bit.
Moz Greenshields, is Secretary, Derby Area Trades Union Council and a member of the Communist Party executive committee