The People’s Charter presents a radical and powerful alternative to the ConDems’ capitalist policies of cuts and unemployment writes Daoud Hamdani Derby People’s Charter activist and member of the YCL.

 It demands that we use the enormous wealth in Britain for the common good of the people, rather than seeing over 80% of that wealth being owned by 10% of the population – the fatcats of banking and big business… the capitalist class.
Not surprisingly it is hated and derided by the millionaires, their politicians and the media moguls whose driving force is wealth and power. But it is supported by the TUC, and the Trades Council movement – and has many individual unions and community organisations affiliated to it
What does The People’s Charter say on jobs and industry?
Introduce legislation to prevent closures and mass redundancies in profitable industries 
Legislate to compel the re-investment of a percentage of profits in British industry 
Limit export of investment capital to stop asset-stripping by transnational big business 
Take back into public ownership essential industries - energy, water, telecommunications and post, rail and bus transport - to put them and their profits to work for the British people 
Introduce government support for other industries 
Target public and private investment to create new jobs - in particular in manufacturing, construction and green technology. Greater investment in renewable energy sources, ecological development and the recycling industries for domestic and industrial waste would lead to a new million green jobs 
End job insecurity through casualised work and short term contracts without agreed reasons 
Reduce working hours, not pay, to create more jobs - and so generate more spending power to stimulate the economy, increase tax revenue and reduce the number of people forced to live on benefit 
Guarantee high-quality vocational training for young people to meet long-term employment needs as part of a government-led job-creation scheme 
Raise the minimum wage to two-thirds national median earnings and end the lower rate for young workers, increasing spending power and stimulating the economy 
In addition to its section on jobs and industry, the People’s Charter has well researched policies on
A Fairer Economy
Decent Homes for All
The Protection and Improvement of Public Services
Fairness and Justice
A Secure and Sustainable Future for All
You can contact the Charter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07813 390063.  Read it in its entirety at, or pick up a copy at this demonstration. You can sign up to support the Charter online, or by texting CHARTER to 86006. 
Do it now!
As the Charter says, “There is no need for unemployment or cuts to public services, pay, pensions or benefits. There is an alternative, meeting the needs of millions, rather than feeding the greed of millionaires.”