'There are few crumbs left on the negotiating table and the anger against this illegitimate ConDem government is growing', Communist Party trade union organiser Anita Halpin declared on Tuesday (July 19).

  'It's time for trade unions to end the talks and get on with striking to save pensions, jobs and public services', she told a meeting of trade union activists and party officials in London.
  Ms Halpin said that the coordinated strikes by workers from five public sector unions on June 30 were a tremendous boost to the fightback.
‘It was especially positive how many young people were on strike for the first time ever', she pointed out. 'Now we need unions such as Unison and Unite to ballot for strikes in October, coordinated nationally in line with 2010 TUC policy’.
  At its meeting, the Communist Party trade union coordinating committee paid tribute to Southampton council workers - now in the eighth week of industrial action to defend their pay and conditions - as 'a beacon for others'.
  With the announcement by Bombardier in Derby to cut 1,400 manufacturing jobs, putting many other workers at risk along the supply chain, Britain's Communists called for massive support for the demonstration in the town this coming Saturday.
  The trade union coordinating committee also noted that 10,000 high street jobs have been lost in the retail industry over the past month as unemployment heads towards three million.
  'All these actions can build on the foundation laid by the TUC national demonstration on March 26', Ms Halpin, 'pointing the way to more coordinated actions at local, regional and national level across the public and the private sectors'.
  Britain's communists also declared that News International saga highlighted the importance of the Morning Star and its contribution to the fightback as the only daily paper that reports the workers' stories.