Few trade union leaders have as much experience of the reality of the Murdoch media empire as Ann Field, former Unite/GPMU national officer.

Ann says, "Inquiries must be swift and lead to decisive action."

DON’T BUY THE SUN (and the other Murdoch papers including the about-to-be-defunct NOTW) was a refrain first heard 25 years ago at Wapping.  Even then Murdoch’s paper boys were the police, guarding his printing plant at Wapping and smashing up sacked workers and their supporters.
We all knew then that any organisation that could do what Murdoch and his crew did to nearly 6000 people was capable of anything.  Here we are 25 years later with the results for all to see.
The unimpeded ability of a company to buy their way into control of media on a national or global scale has led directly to abuse of citizens and poisonous influence generally of truly shocking proportions and depravity.
A toothless Press Complaints Commission, largely supine parliamentary representatives looking on and successive Governments in hock to Murdoch have witnessed News International titles thrive on serial abuse of common decency as do News Corp newspapers across the globe. 
At every turn the current scandals reveal that this has been a joint operation from the start involving company, government and police.  Inquiries must be swift and lead to decisive action.  The Government should act immediately forbidding extension of BSkyB ownership.
Murdoch and his senior management team should be disbarred from proprietorship in the UK.  At the very least the company should also forfeit their original BSkyB shareholding  and should lose the right to own Times Newspapers given their status by public declaration of being unfit to own newspapers. 
We must have controls on media ownership as well as stricter application of decency of treatment and behaviour by journalists, with no cross-media ownership.  The proportion of media sector ownership should be restricted and there should be a right of challenge and reply to editorial content and invasion of privacy.