Workers are to march against closure of this important source of jobs and skills - CP chair calls for labour movement to support.

Over 1400 more workers in Derby are  to be thrown on the dole, railway engineering apprenticeships are to be abandoned and the last rail rolling stock works in the country is possibly to be closed – that’s what the policies of privatisation, and a refusal to invest in jobs and a British manufacturing base to its economy are leading to. And it’s all been predictable over the last couple of decades, since the privatisation of the rail industry.

The Government’s decision to give the £1.4 billion Thameslink rolling stock contract to Siemens in Germany instead of to Bombardier in Derby shows a callous disregard for workers in Britain – and for the future of the economy. On top of the 1400 jobs to go at Bombardier a further 13000 jobs in and around Derby will be put at risk as a “knock on” effect. It’s all part of the generalised attack by this government on working people. It will be devastating for Derby, for the Midlands and for Britain as a whole – if we let them get away with it.
While Siemens talk about “importing” some of the workers from Britain into their German operations – reminding us of “Auf Wiedersehn, Pet” and the Thatcher government’s instruction to workers to “get on their bikes and look for work” - we need to respond by refusing to accept this huge attack. We can and will defeat it, if we are determined and organised enough.
Unions representing workers at Bombardier have called for a massive demonstration in Derby on July 23rd – and many others are rallying in support. There is no time to lose. Every union and community organisation needs to be thinking and deciding how they can help force the ConDem government – an unelected coalition of millionaires, cobbled together out of two parties each of which failed to win the General Election – to U-turn, invest in industry, and keep the jobs in Britain.
2011 is the 40th anniversary of the fight by workers at Upper Clyde Shipbuilders to save their jobs and industry in the face of a similar refusal by a Tory government to invest. They took over the shipyards in the name of the people – and created history. Such bold initiatives are demanded by the times we are living in.
The Communist Party calls on all workers to attend the July 23rd demonstration, and to redouble efforts through coordinated action to win the policies of The People’s Charter which includes the following policies on jobs and industry:
  • More and better jobs
  • Introduce legislation to prevent closures and mass redundancies in profitable industries.
  • Legislate to compel the re-investment of a percentage of profits in British industry
  • Limit export of investment capital to stop asset stripping by transnational big business
  • Target public and private investment to create new jobs - in particular in manufacturing, construction and green technology. 
  • Reduce working hours
  • Guarantee high quality vocational training for young people to meet long term employment needs, as part of a government led job creation scheme
These are burning issues for all of us who want to see a future for ourselves and future generations. The workers at Bombardier cannot be left to fight it on their own.