The CP is organising a school for trade union and political activists.  It includes plenty of space for debate and dialogue, education and organisation sessions and an in-depth look at the major challenges facing workers. The School is being opened to supporters, activists and allies who will also be sharing the speakers' platforms. If you wish to attend you need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trade Union and Political Cadre School
Ruskin House, Croydon

Saturday 26th February

10.30    Welcome, introductions, overview
Carolyn Jones and Bill Greenshields

10.45    The labour movement, the welfare state and state power    
    From the 1945 Labour government to the New Right counter-revolution
    Chair: Anita Wright
    Speakers: Mary Davis, Kevin Halpin, Ann Field and Robert Griffiths

12.15      Trade union internationalism and the fight against 'austerity measures'
The European Union and the ETUC

Chair: John Foster
Speakers: Brian Denny, Carolyn Jones and Graham Stevenson

1.15      Lunch

2.00    The trade union movement and alliances against cuts and unemployment
With break at 3.30 – 3.50pm

•    developing coordinated TU work in the workplace, at branch, regional and national levels, and on trades councils
•    trade union 'left organisation'
•    overcoming public sector/private sector divides
•    the TUC
•    building alliances and a broad based movement
•    the Coalition of Resistance and the People’s Charter
•    the struggle to reclaim or re-establish the Labour Party
Chairs: Carolyn Jones
Speakers: Andrew Burgin (Coalition of Resistance), Kevin Donnelly, Bill Greenshields, Gawain Little

5.00     Break

5.20    Mass struggle in North Africa and the Middle East

Chair: Louise Nousratpour
Speaker: Navid Shomali

6.20    Meetings of advisories/ groups

7.00    Close

Sunday 27th February

10.00    Beyond Economism and social democracy
    Why is 'A Fair Day’s Work for a Fair Day’s Pay' inadequate or reactionary?

    Chair: Christiane Ohsan
    Speakers: Bill Greenshields

11.15     The unemployed movement, a strategy for jobs and the Left Wing Programme

    Chair: Moz Greenshields
Speakers: Phil Katz and Graham Stevenson  

12.45      Round-up, Needs of The Hour and future work
Carolyn Jones and Robert Griffiths

1.15    Lunch and close