As the penny drops that this year's TUC, in the words of RMT, is to be "lectured by a millionaire public schoolboy who has set out to destroy jobs, pensions and the standards of living of working people" the demand for the withdrawal of the invite to the prime minister is gathering pace.

The resolution from the North West reads:

This North West TUC Executive Committee is outraged at the decision of the General Council of the TUC to invite David Cameron the Tory Prime Minister to address the TUC Congress which takes place in Manchester in September 2010.

The first con-dem government budget has decided to put the massive financial debt, caused by the banking system, on the backs of the working people of Britain with massive cuts in expenditure in both the public and private sector and the welfare state.

This will directly lead to cuts in jobs and services in the public sector and cause a further increase in unemployment and reduce the standard of living of millions of people including the most vulnerable people in our society.

The Executive Committee demands the General Council to withdraw the invitation which we believe is the wrong message to our members.