The RMT is currently holding its annual general meeting in Aberdeen. Here, in the Morning Star, general secretary Bob Crow calls for the TUC to coordinate opposition to the government.

Anyone who doubted that working people in Britain face the biggest attack on their living standards since Thatcher - and maybe even since the 1930s - will have had those doubts wiped out by last week's vicious Budget.

The Con-Dem government has decreed that workers, pensioners, children and students will pay for the financial crisis created not by them, but by the unregulated greed of bankers and parasitic speculators.

And just as Thatcher set out three decades ago to disarm the trade union movement in order to impose her swingeing cuts, so today's Tories are being egged on to hobble the unions even more by their trough-mates at the CBI.

Using the Budget deficit as pretext, the Con-Dems have effectively declared war on jobs, conditions, pay, pensions and welfare - something that comes naturally to Tories whatever the circumstances.

It is a co-ordinated attack and, when someone's winding up to give you a kicking, you have a clear choice - take them on or roll over and hope they go away.

RMT is calling on the trade union movement to start the fightback right here, right now before Cameron and Clegg have had a chance to pull their boots on.

That is why we have called for an emergency meeting of the TUC to map out a co-ordinated campaign of industrial and political action to resist - a campaign that must link up with community and progressive groups the length and breadth of Britain.