CONDEM GOVERNMENT: Higher stakes require a higher level of unity

In recent years trade unionists have become adept at finding silver linings to various clouds and the ConDem attack on jobs, living standards and civil society represents another opportunity to accentuate the positives writes Peter Middleman of Liverpool Trades Council.

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North West and South West TUC's reject Cameron invite

As the penny drops that this year's TUC, in the words of RMT, is to be "lectured by a millionaire public schoolboy who has set out to destroy jobs, pensions and the standards of living of working people" the demand for the withdrawal of the invite to the prime minister is gathering pace.

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BUDGET DAY: Britain says "No Way!"


Demonstrations across Britain will reject ConDem draconian cuts and assault on jobs and public services. Go here to find out about events in Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield and Cardiff organised by PCS union. In Surrey and Glasgow called by Unison