NEWS INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE: 25 years on, The Workers' Story is told


An exhibition and new publication was launched this week, which tells the Workers' Story of the watershed Wapping dispute. The exhibition is being hosted at the Marx Memorial Library in London's Clerkenwell Green. The library also hosts the Printers' Collection, the most comprehensive collection of print worker and trade union memorabilia in Europe. You can visit by appointment.

The opening was hosted by Ann Field, strike leader, Tony Burke national secretary for manufacturing of UNITE, as well as general secretaries of the then NGA and SOGAT, Tony Dubbins and Brenda Dean. We reproduce here, the speech of Tony Newbery who, as a young activist, took part in the strike and is now a well known UNITE official for print workers.

Twenty five years on, the exhibition launch uncannily coincides with another Royal Wedding, Murdoch seeking to take over BSkyB and the phone tapping scandal in which News International senior staff intercepted phone messages of individuals right up to the level of cabinet member. It is well worth a visit and the Workers' Story, written and artworked by those involved in the dispute, tells the story of that key struggle.

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CP TRADE UNION and POLITICAL CADRE SCHOOL 2011: Communists call for spirit of 1945

Communists and supporters from across Britain met at the weekend to analyse, debate and plan how best to step up the struggle against the ConDem coalition government. Read on for a selection of reports of the conference carried in the Morning Star.

If you are involved in the anti-cuts movement or are a union member and want to find out more about the CP or join, go here.

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