Bank and industry collapse: will the workers just stand by and watch?

Britain needs a strategy to defend and rebuild manufacturing, infrastructure and services and provide quality jobs. Some of the most powerful sections of the British capitalist class have no interest in pursuing such a strategy. What can those who survive through work do about this situation?

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Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2010

carstickerwmdThis year the TUC is coordinating a range of events across Britain to mark those who have lost their lives or health as a result of their work, to step up the call for improvement in workplace occupational health and safety and for a safer working environment. Hazards campaign resources available. 

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The Communist Party's regular bulletin for trade union conferences, festivals and demonstrations.

Unite, fight for work! Rebuild industry!

Workers Unite! Fight for work! Rebuild industry!

Read on to view key points of CP policy aimed at promoting unity between workers and the fight for work! These go beyond the immediate and provide positive ideas which could begin to roll back capitalism.

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