TUC 2011 TUESDAY: Communists urge action to save industry

In the Tuesday edition of the CP's union conference journal UNITY you can sneak a glimpse of Ed Miliband's speech as transcribed by Groucho, read Bill Greenshields call for action to defend industry and Anita Wright on the need for industrial action that is guided by strategy and politics. Read Tuesday UNITY.

TUC 2011: Communists publish daily edition of UNITY

Throughout TUC Congress 2011, the communist party will be publishing a daily edition of its news and politics journal UNITY, distributed to delegates throughout the trade union conference season.

You can view the Monday edition here with articles from CP Trade Union Coordinator Anita Halpin, general secretary Robert Griffiths, Director of the Institute for Employment Rights Carolyn Jones and UNISON executive member Moz Greenshields.


'Workers and communities must rally to defend Bombardier jobs' - say Communists

The government's decision to award a major railway rolling stock contract to the German company Siemens represents 'a conspiracy against the people of Britain by the Con-Dems, the European Union and the multimationals', Bill Greenshields declared at a meeting of the Communist Party of Britain's political committee on Thursday evening.

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The News International dispute 25 years on - exhibition


‘Wapping’ – 25th anniversary exhibition at the TUC – opens on 25 July, 2011
As the storm over phone hacking engulfs Rupert Murdoch’s empire, an exhibition is being staged that demonstrates that Murdoch’s ‘bad behaviour’ has a history dating back quarter of a century.
The current web of deceit involving the political, media and police establishments has echoes of the Wapping dispute 25 years ago. 
Wapping - one of the key industrial disputes of the Thatcher era - will be graphically presented at the exhibition which moves to the TUC Congress House, London WC1B 3LS.  It will be open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm from 25 July until 12 August. 

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