You are invited to attend a major gathering of campaigners for education on the South Coast on Saturday 24 May.

WORKSHOP - fight to save education
VENUE - The Cowley Club12 London Road, Brighton
Saturday 24th May 12.00 to 4.00
Chair: John JohnsonSpeakers: Terry McCarthy, Ali Ghanimi, Colin Waugh, Peter Bird and Louise Raw.
Free admission There will be a bar and food available
Time will be allocated for discussion


Robb Johnson  - The fight to stop academy plans for Hove Park School
Colin Waugh - The significance of the Plebs Strike at Ruskin College (1909) for independent working class education today.
Terry McCarthy - Why the attacks on education with a emphasis on special needs.

Ali Ghanimi - The Brighton Free University

Louise Raw - Unbecoming women, Five centuries of women versus ideology.

Dr Trevor Hopper - Robert Tressell: ‘Tressell 100 years on

Peter Bird - The Big issue, Education and the homeless

John Johnson, is a lay officer of the Brighton Trades Council/Unite the Union 

Terry McCarthy has worked for decades teaching adult education with a special emphasis on special needs. He is also the former director of the National Museum of Labour history.

Louise Raw is the author of the ground breaking book “Striking a Light: the real history of the match women’s strike”. Louise is also a regular contributor to the left press and broadcaster.

Colin Waugh’s Plebs has reminded us of the struggle for IWCE.

Ali Ghanimi is the founder and organiser of the Brighton Free University.

Dr Trevor Hopper of the University of Brighton in Hastings is considered to be one of the leading authorities on Robert Tressell and will speak on Tressell 100 years on.

Peter Bird is a founding member of the Big issue.

Sponsored by Brighton branch unite 0140 and Labour movement history publications. for all your movement posters for further details of the event email Terry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.