Protesters have occupied the NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) headqaurters for Oxfordshire, in Cowley. They are occupying the building in protest against the controversial NHS and Social Care Bill, saying it is 'dismantling the NHS'.

The protesters say they object to the backdoor privatisation of the National Health Service. Made up of trade unionists, local community groups and concerned residents, they are particularly concerned for the impact this will have on vulnerable and disabled people.

The protest was organised jointly by Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance and Keep Our NHS Public.   Gawain little from the Anti-Cuts Alliance said "The public are being frog marched into a two tier health system where people will be pushed to the back of the queue in favour of those who can afford to pay. Profit not patients will be the central motivating force of the new system."

Ken Williamson a local GP and Larry Sanders a County Councillor, Joint Chairs of Keep Our NHS Public in Oxfordshire, said "The Bill is still intended to abolish the Secretary of State's legal duty to provide a comprehensive National Health Service in England, despite amendments, and is the culmination of a 35 year project started by Thatcher to destroy socialised healthcare, leaving 'the NHS as a brand for channeling billions of tax payers money into the coffers of mainly American Multi-National companies such as United Health, McKinsey, KPMG and Price Waterhouse. Competition and Private health insurance will be enshrined in healthcare here just as it is in the disasterous US system where a third of the population have no insurance"

Julie Simmons, currently an NHS in-patient said: “Private companies see the NHS as a massive cash cow. They have been lobbying to allow them to replace NHS services with their own privately owned ones.  Those same companies have paid the Tory party £8.3 million in donations. We can't let them get away with it.”

One protester, Lev Taylor, 23, a charity worker from Littlehay Road, said: “Britain's most treasured service is being dismantled and sold off to private companies. They have no mandate; neither Coalition party had this in their manifesto before the election.”

Almost every group that represents NHS professionals, including the Oxford City Locality Commissioning Group, has come out against the Bill. 

The protesters demand that the NHS Bill is dropped in its entirety.