The Communist Party calls for action to defeat the misnamed Health and Social Care Bill. You can write to your MP here. Do not delay! Visit Health Emergency to find out where to take part in protests. The TUC has called an action day for NHS on 7 March.

The Health and Social Care Bill remains the biggest threat to the NHS since its foundation in 1948.  It has NOTHING to do with putting doctors and nurse in charge.  If it was, the Government could and should have proposed the election of doctors and nurses (and other health staff), and patients and service users onto the Boards of the Primary Care Trusts.
The Bill is about fragmenting and breaking up the NHS, making hospitals compete with each other and with the private sector in a race to the bottom, and handing whole loads of real power and influence over commissioning and planning decisions to big healthcare multinationals like McKinseys.  It is about giving the private sector and the profit motive a much bigger role in essential and vital healthcare provision.
Shockingly, the Bill now allows Hospitals to turn over up to 49% of their services to private patients, and yet the Govt has the gall to claim NHS services and patients will not lose out!!
Only one person can put a stop to this slow motion disaster. David Cameron has now taken personal charge of the NHS ‘reform’, having promised ‘no more top down reorganisations’ of the NHS in the General Election, and having been made a fool of by Lansley, who he trusted to keep the NHS safe for the Tories.  
Cameron knows that as a result of the Bill the Tories will now be rightly blamed for every scandal and every disaster in the NHS from now on.  For that reason, he will be prepared to sack Lansley and scrap the Bill, if he has to.  But only if the people write in their hundreds of  thousands to Cameron personally and to their local MP calling for this to happen.