Over the next two weeks, an intense political struggle against and within the ConDem government will determine the future of our NHS.

  The NHS has proved to be the the jewel in the crown of the generation that defeated fascism. Since 1947, it has transformed the health of our people. It is a model for emulation around the world. It has become a global centre of research and practice in the struggle to combat illness and disease.
  The ConDem Health and Social Care Bill will transform the NHS. It will turn a universal health care system, free and available at the point of need, into a new 'Wild West'. It will prise it open for predators who see healthcare and medicine not as services to meet people's needs - but as an opportunity to make a quick buck.
In particular, handing the commissioning of medical treatment to consortiums of GPs will open the door to the wholesale privatisation of healthcare.
  The privatisation vultures know that many GPs will be too busy, too committed to caring for their patients, to turn into full-time contract managers and accountants.
GP consortiums will hire private agencies to manage commissioning on their behalf. These agencies can then decide, with up to £80 billion of public money every year, whether to send patients to the NHS for diagnosis and treatment - or to private sector medical centres.
  Of course, the NHS will continue to have a statutory duty to provide a wide range of costly, essential, 'unprofitable' services. Meanwhile, so-called 'independent' treatment centres (although they are not independent of public money) will concentrate on the profitable ones, making full use of staff and facilities developed by the NHS at public expense.
  NHS units that lose too much business or become too costly will close - or be taken over by private providers. Charges for provisions within both the NHS and the private sector will escalate.
  The ground will have been prepared for the introduction of a private insurance-based health system in Britain, to 'protect' against future costs and fast-track those who can afford it into first-class treatment. This is the US model, where 17 per cent of GDP (compared with 8 per cent in Britain) is spent on one of the worst healthcare systems of all the advanced capitalist countries - to the vast profit of insurance and pharmaceutical corporations.
  Although this NHS Bill and its reforms apply only to England, they will be used to put pressure on Scotland and Wales to follow suit.
  But, as with Thatcher before them, Cameron and Clegg have struck a rock. Doctors have joined NHS staff, patients groups, community organisations and trade unions to say: 'Scrap this Bill'.
  Elements in the government are determined to drive the Bill forward. Others want the Bill to be amended - having previously voted in favour of all its most damaging provisions.
  The Communist Party demands that MPs reflect the will of the people. The Bill should be killed off at the earliest opportunity. Its basic intention was never to improve the NHS, but to privatise it. The only acceptable outcome of the 'pause and listen' review is to 'Kill the Bill'.
  If the MPs haven't heard the message yet, the TUC, the health service unions and professional bodies should organise an emergency lobby of the Westminster parliament. Thousands of activists across Britain who oppose this Bill stand ready to mobilise for such an action.
  To strengthen the Communist Party's involvement in the campaign, we need to implement an earlier decision to set up a Health and Welfare State advisory committee. It will be tasked with reaching out to campaigners, trade unionists and other pro-NHS organisations to help defeat the Health and Social Care Bill.
  Party advisories bring together CP members and invited close allies to discuss policy and campaigning in different areas of life and the trade union movement. If you are interested in getting involved in the work of the Health and Welfare State advisory, contact us.
  The clock ticks. The NHS needs your active support. All too often we hear workers say, 'There is no point in getting involved because nothing changes'. If we do not get involved, things certainly will change - for the worse.
  But this is a government in trouble. There is no better time than now to make your mark.