London's communists held a major organising event on Saturday to ensure maximum turnout for the TUC's national demonstration on March 26 writes Louise Nousratpour in the Morning Star.

Communist Party of Britain (CPB) activists met to share ideas and build on their involvement in the fast-growing anti-cuts movement.

They said the movement had already scored "significant" victories including stopping the closure of NHS Direct and forcing ministers to postpone the sell-off of public forests and shelve the helicopter search and rescue privatisation.

CPB general secretary Rob Griffiths said union organisers were considering booking more coaches to ferry people from across Britain to the TUC demo.

He stressed that the march should be seen as a "launching pad" for months of strikes, direct action and protests.

Mr Griffiths added: "We are calling for a one-day general strike in the public sector, solidarity action in the private sector as well as an organised campaign against unemployment."

Former Unite officer Ann Field stressed that to fight the cuts effectively the labour movement must reclaim workers' right to strike - which was robbed by the Thatcher adminstration.

"Britain is still the only Western country not to sign the International Labour Organisation's right to strike treaty," she noted.

Activists emphasised the importance of reviving trades councils to co-ordinate action between workers and local communities to save public services.

But pressing Labour councillors to resist the cuts by resigning or setting illegal budgets was deemed "premature."

The CP "Will demand that Labour councillors draw up needs budgets and that councils use their reserves instead of cutting services."