The value of education


The National Advisory Committee for Education is meeting this weekend in Derby. It meets at a strategic turning point with privatisation and funding cuts threatened. "Education is at the service of capitalism but is also a source of its greatest threat", writes Robert Wilkinson.

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'FREE SCHOOLS': The road to ruin

We are at a crossroads. Do we want to see real school improvement based on systematic co-operation between schools, or our education system broken up into a competitive, profit-driven private sector market place?

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EDUCATION: Academies and Free Schools

EducationThe Tories promised in their manifesto to “rocket-boost” the Academy programme - but it's not rocket science to see in this...privatisation by yet another word writes NUT Past President Bill Greenshields. Bill is currently working as a full time officer for the teachers' union in Derbyshire.

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TEACHER UNIONS: SATs on the rack

The Communist Party has welcomed the decision by the National Union of Teachers and the National Association of Headteachers to boycott this year's KS2 SATs.

The unions are taking joint industrial action as part of their ongoing campaign for assessment reform, claiming that the current system is damaging children's education. Headteachers across the country will refuse to open SATs papers when they arrive in early May and to carry out the tests.

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