Across Britain, marches and rallies are organised to celebrate the establishment of the NHS 63 years ago and to protect its achievements.

There are hundreds of marches, workplace and community based rallies organised over the coming days. To locate the nearest event to you, go here.

Read Dr Alan Mackinnon on NHS Scotland here. View CP campaign NHS VOICES - communists speak up for NHS. Add your VOICE FOR NHS here.

BLOOD SERVICE: An delivery ethos which shaped NHS values

Dr Richard Doll 1912-2005 set up the national blood service, insisting that Britain avoid the American path of paying donors for their blood writes Mike Walker. In so doing, it established a national system of delivering an essential service based on the values of the NHS.

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NHS VOICES: Government receives another bloody nose

In the first of two articles on government plans to privatise the Blood Donation Services, George Schochat demonstrates how important it is for the service to remain in public hands. In a separate article , Mike Walker writes about the role of communist party member Richard Doll in the founding of blood services within the NHS. Over 50,000 have signed a petition to save the service -  petition here.

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NHS VOICES: "Put health back into NHS"

In the fifth of our NHS VOICES series in which communist health workers speak up for the future of health provision in Britain, A.N calls for more integration, cooperation and local democratic control. This he says, would "Put the 'Health' back into the NHS!"

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