NHS PRIVATISATION BILL: The voice of workers in Downing Street

"You are privatising the NHS and you have been lying since 1979!"

View here a confrontation in which and East End pensioner nails a cowering Health Minister and exposes the lies behind the Health Bill for millions to see. This hated Bill must not be allowed in to law. Now is the time to step up the pressure. Let your MP know what you think. Sign the Drop The Bill petition here.  Let them know we are watching and we will not forgive those who destroy a world class system of health that has taken generations to build.

Communists call on unions to hold the line on pensions

‘The trades unions in the pensions dispute must fight on,’ said CP trade union co-ordinator Anita Halpin today. “After all the government’s “divide and rule” tactics are just a panic response to the success of the N30 actions.

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Dr MIKE SQUIRES: Dissects Lansley's Bill and echoes communist call to make 8 October a campaign day for NHS

The Communist Party has called on all supporters of the NHS to hit the streets on 8 October to raise pressure on the government and House of Lords which will vote on NHS and Social Care Act around the 11th October. In this feature, Dr Mike Squires, south london campaigner for the health service, sets out the case against Lansley's Bill.

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CAMPAIGNING TO SAVE NHS: Birthday march in London

Mina Boromand was our photographer on the scene of the first of the dozens of marches planned around Britain this week to support the health service.