Teachers' strike 26 March 2014

In the last month, across England and Wales tens of thousands of teachers held public meetings, leafletted local shopping centres, lobbied their local MP or AM in support of the campaign Stand Up For Education.

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Students starting or returning to college and university can get in touch with the Communist Party in Liverpool and Cambridge where party organisations are gearing up for Fresher's Fairs. In Liverpool go here to get in touch. Those attending Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University or Hill's Road Sixth form College should get in touch here. A meeting has been organised for students in GLASGOW. If you are active in the student movement and want to join the communist party, contact us. 


400,000 take aim at ConDem cuts and pensions attack

"It was a day of stark contrasts yesterday, and one which should stick long in our minds." Read here the editorial of the Morning Star as 400,000 workers struck on a single day. Then contrast treatment of the strike in the Star with the capitalist media.

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OXFORDSHIRE: Protesters occupy NHS Trust HQ

Protesters have occupied the NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) headqaurters for Oxfordshire, in Cowley. They are occupying the building in protest against the controversial NHS and Social Care Bill, saying it is 'dismantling the NHS'.

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