afghanistan_british_deadAnother tragic landmark has been reached in the hopeless and pointless war in Afghanistan, as it was announced today that the 300th British soldier lost their lives since the beginning of the war in 2001. Support the Stop the War & CND Budget day protest.

Since reaching 100 dead in 2008, the number of casualties have massively increased over the last two years to the extent that currently one British soldier is dying every two days.

Tomorrow the chancellor George Osbourne will announce massive cuts accross the public sector, in order to guarantee further profits for monopoly capital, spivs in the city and fat cat bankers. And yet the Afghan War has so far cost British taxpayers more than £11 billion and by the end of this year will have wasted a further £4 billion in this hopeless, unwinnable war in service to US imperialism.

Defence secretary Liam Fox has already ruled out including Trident renewal in the government's much lauded strategic defence and security review, despite the fact that it will cost us more than £76 billion to renew a useless cold-war era nuclear weapons system.