When finding Nazi leaders guilty of causing World War Two, the Nuremberg tribunal declared that initiating a war of aggression was 'the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole'.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the blitzkrieg on Iraq and the divide-and-rule occupation policies which followed. Millions more were driven into exile. No significant section of the Iraqi opposition to the Saddam dictatorship asked Bush and Blair to play god with Iraqi lives.


For all his cover-ups, evasions and lies, Tony Blair's testimony before the Chilcot Inquiry confirms that he should stand trial for such a crime, alongside the rest of the New Labour War Cabinet and their masters in the White House and the Pentagon.

The accumulated evidence of civil servants, diplomats, political advisers and Cabinet ministers shows that the New Labour government lied to the people and parliament of Britain, to the governments of Germany and Russia, to the United Nations and to the people of Iraq, the Middle East and the world.

Information from intelligence sources, Iraqi defectors and UN weapons inspectors indicated beyond serious doubt that the Saddam regime had destroyed its stocks of chemical weapons and had no capacity to produce new weapons of mass destruction.

Yet false reports, originating in Britain, were planted with US agencies and in the media that the Iraqi government was seeking to purchase 'yellow cake' uranium from Niger in order to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Dossiers were fabricated from unsubstantiated internet essays, dubious Iraqi emigre circles and inconclusive intelligence reports, and given a gloss to claim that the Saddam regime possessed weapons of mass destruction.

A cynical charade was played out at the United Nations, with Britain and the US pretending to seek support for a second resolution, while refusing any consensus which might prevent them from later waging an unprovoked war of aggression.

As with previous inquiries appointed by New Labour, this one is being conducted by establishment figures who mostly supported the military attack on Iraq at the time.

That is why they have no intention of uncovering the real agenda for the Iraq war, which in fact is the same as that in Afghanistan, namely the further expansion of US political, economic and military power in the energy-rich Caspian, Middle East and South-Central Asia region. The expectation of Blair, Brown, Straw and ruling class circles in Britain was that British oil, armaments and construction corporations would also benefit from the subservient alliance with US imperialism.

That is why, too, the campaign must continue to expose the real character of the policies pursued by the warmongers in Westminster and Whitehall, and to ensure that those responsible for committing the supreme international war crime are brought to justice.