Judith Sambrook, a single parent on dialysis from Shrewsbury and member of the communist party, is before Wrexham Magistrates this Friday  [11-11-11] for refusing to fill in the  2011 census, due to the involvement in the data collection by US weapons manufacturer, Lockheed- Martin.

Despite the risk of a criminal conviction Judith says -
'' It is possible to resist; support from the party has been resolute, with messages of solidarity coming in from all over the UK and abroad and shows what can be achieved when we work collectively for peace and socialism; friends and I have formed a group to offer solidarity and practical support to other census resisters ''.
There will be a demonstration and vigil outside Wrexham Magistrates Court on Friday in solidarity with Judith and all census resisters and against Lockheed- Martin and the arms trade.
Messages of support can be sent to Judith at the Morning Star website and we will keep readers informed of the progress of the magistrates hearing.