The war in Afghanistan is faltering, with almost every day’s news testifying
to the disaster unfolding under the NATO occupation. |VIEW: Chilcot Inquiry live.|

The military and political establishment is split in both Washington and London, 

President Karzai and his regime are entirely discredited, and the resistance to the

occupation is growing, in spite of all contrary predictions. Yet David Cameron
is talking, albeit somewhat half-heartedly, of another five years of war.

The Stop the War Coalition now has to raise our campaign to get the troops out
and bring an end to the unnecessary deaths which are now a nearly-daily
occurrence. That is what the majority of the British people want. No-one else
is going to give voice to their demands.

Our first step must be to raise the pressure on MPs to reflect their
constituents’ views and demand in parliament a swift exit from Afghanistan. 
So we are asking all local groups to arrange a mass lobby of their MPs over the
weekend of 22/23/24 July, bringing home to each and every one that we want the
troops out.

We are also asking groups to organise meetings or debates on Afghanistan in
their own localities. The Stop the War National Steering Committee on June 26 
also agreed to take the anti-war message onto appropriate demonstrations being
organised around other aspects of the economic crisis, and to give
consideration to holding an anti-war demonstration in the autumn.

Our national conference will this year be held in London on October 30. This
will be an important event for rallying our campaign to get the troops out and
strengthening the Coalition’s work across the board. We will be writing
later with details of delegate entitlements and how to submit resolutions.

In the run-up to the conference (September/October), we need to strengthen our
roots locally, so the Steering Committee is asking all local Coalitions around
the country to hold an AGM of their own in the run-up to the national
conference (unless your group has already recently held one).

This should involve inviting local representatives from all those organisations
and groups affiliated to StWC nationally – trade unions, political parties,
religious groups, CND, students etc – as well as individual activists;
mapping our a plan of campaign activity for your community; and electing
officers ready and able to prioritise work in the anti-war movement.

StWC nationally will be able to supply speakers for these AGMs, given adequate
notice. Please notify the office of the date/time of your meetings.

In solidarity

Andrew Murray
National Chair, Stop the War Coalition