Welsh Communists are urging all workers, trade unionists and socialists to unite in a 'mass movement of action' to secure another General Election as soon as possible.

'Theresa May's minority government has no popular mandate for yet more public spending cuts, privatisations and anti-trade union laws - nor to negotiate Britain's exit from the European Union', Welsh Communist Party secretary Trevor Jones insisted after his party's executive met in Cardiff over the weekend.

He welcomed the Labour Party's advances in this month's General Election but criticised Welsh Labour's decision to limit campaigning to seats with sitting Labour MPs.

'Jeremy Corbyn's bold campaign and Labour's left-wing manifesto helped make marginal seats winnable, but Welsh Labour's timid line left three or four of those constituencies in Tory hands', Mr Jones claimed.

However, he added, many trade unionists and other activists had ignored the Welsh Labour policy and instead campaigned and won in the Gower, Cardiff North and Vale of Clwyd constituencies.

'Now we need to ensure that Britain leaves the EU on the best possible terms for the economy and people of Wales - a people's exit', he declared.

He opposed the payment of an 'extortionate' exit fee and called for a full break with EU single market rules and the EU Court of Justice.

'EU free-market fundamentalism has always operated in the interests of big business, whereas in Wales we need economic planning, public investment and controls on trade and capital in order to develop our public services, manufacturing and infrastructure', Mr Jones maintained.

At its meeting in Cardiff, the Welsh Communist Party also finalised preparations for its biennial congress to be held in Merthyr Tydfil on November 24-25.