Peoples Exit leaflet


MANCHESTER Monday June 19, Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St.
M2 5NS, 6.30 pm

RHYL Tuesday June 20, St. Mary's Church, 119 Wellington St., LL18 1LE,
7 pm

BRIGHTON (Unison conference), Wednesday June 21, Friends Meeting
House, Ship St., BN1 1AF, 7 pm

CARDIFF Thursday June 22, Old Market Tavern, 20-21 Trinity St., CF10
1 BH, 7 pm

What kind of exit from the EU?

An exit to serve big business and the City banks?

Or an exit for the working class and the people?

After the General Election, negotiations will decide the terms on which Britain will leave the EU. They will also set the scene for future relations between Britain, Ireland, the EU and the rest of the world.

The Communist Parties of Britain and Ireland have always opposed the EU as an anti-democratic, anti-worker, big business club. Socialists and communists in Ireland, north and south, have campaigned against austerity and EU membership, upholding Irish sovereignty and neutrality against the EU-IMF-NATO axis.

What future can England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have outside the EU? What should we - the people - fight for in the exit negotiations?

Come and hear a range of speakers, including:

General Secretary, Communist Party of Ireland

Chair, Communist Party of Britain

General Secretary, Communist Party of Britain