Millions take action on pensions and jobs

A new power in the land


Today the writ of Government was challenged and there could be no denying it. Spin doctors were wheeled out to seek to deflect the obvious; Britain's workers had delivered a resounding no to plans to make us work longer, pay more for our pensions and receive less. 

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OCCUPY ST PAUL's - protest against financiers and plunder

OCCUPY ST PAUL's - The protest against financiers and plunder of Britain's wealth and resources reached the Square Mile. Hundreds of cities were targetted at the weekend with demonstrations taking place across the globe. Our photographer Mina Boromand was on hand to record the event.

SEMINAR REPORT: 'Aspects of the capitalist crisis'

A seminar, 'Aspects of the capitalist crisis' – convened by the Party’s Economic Committee with 30 participants – was held on May 14th at the Marx Memorial Library.  Some of the main papers presented will appear in a forthcoming edition of Communist Review.

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