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Rick Newnham issued a rallying call to Welsh trade unionists published in the special issue of the Communist Party’s UNITY newsletter for the Wales TUC conference.

With the election of a Tory-Liberal (Conned 'em) government, trades unions and the members and communities they represent face a huge challenge. We will have to defend the conditions and services that make life bearable for millions of people.

But it is not enough to merely look forward and prepare for the battles to come.

The Labour movement has missed a decade of opportunity by supporting New Labour and its pro-big business, imperialist and anti- trade union agenda. Whenever it really mattered, the affiliated unions allowed the attacks on working people to continue - indeed they bankrolled them!

As New Labour leave office, let us not forget.

One in three children in Wales live in poverty. The gap between rich and poor is of Victorian proportions. The basic state pension languishes well below the poverty line. We have far fewer doctors or hospital beds than the European average. We lock up more young people than any one else in Europe.

Our anti trade union laws are some of the most reactionary in the developed world.

And we engage in more wars than any country in the world except the USA.

To ensure big business profits, there is a colossal housing shortage which created artificially high prices for those who can afford them.

Blair and Brown maintained mass unemployment - always around two million - particularly amongst young people, allowing wages to be held down while pensions, terms and conditions were eroded.

New Labour also committed itself to breaking up public services in favour of market-driven privatisation, PFI schemes and schools run by tycoons & religious fanatics.

All this occurred before New Labour decided to throw £1,350 billion at the banks to resolve a crisis that its policies and big business profiteering created.

The occasional sabre rattling from the 'awkward squad' of trade union leaders wasn't enough to frighten a little mouse let alone a Blair, Brown or Mandelson.

Through their timidity and passive support of New Labour's agenda, some of our trade union leaderships helped pave the way for the Tories return to power.

It is unlikely that the Labour Party leadership 'battle' will produce a winning candidate who supports the left and progressive policies of most of the affiliated trade unions.

Why on earth should Unite, UNISON, GMB, USDAW and the rest support one of the Tweedlebands, Tweedleburnham or Tweedleballs?

They represent the same New Labour bandwagon which ended up in the ditch on May 6. Changing the wheels will take the labour movement nowhere.

So what lessons can we learn for the struggle to come?

If trade unions are to engage in anything other than last-ditch defensive battles, we need to ensure that the political vehicle exists to advance the interests of working class people. This means unions either fighting seriously to reclaim the Labour Party for the labour movement or, if this proves unsuccessful, agreeing to re-establish a mass party of labour.

But this will not be achieved in a vacuum. The trade unions need to move beyond single issue campaigns - important though these are - and put aside unconditional loyalty to the Labour Party leadership.

Broad, united campaigning is required around a political programme of measures which defend and advance the conditions of working people and their communities.


Roger Bevan, WCP’s Morning Star Organiser, reports on this year’s PPPS AGM.

The 65 AGM of the Peoples Press Printing Society will take place at the Cayo Arms (36 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9LL) at 2.00 pm on Sunday 6th June 2010 (registration from 1.30 pm).

PPPS share holders only are able to attend.  You can buy shares by applying to the Secretary of the PPPS at William Rust House,  52 Beachy Road, Bow, London, E3 2NS (shares costs £1 each with minimum purchase of £5.00).  If you are not a share holder then now might be the time to consider buying some.

This year's AGM will discuss seven resolution and there will be an election to the management committee, Dominic MacAskill is standing for re-election and needs your support.

As we all know the Star survives by our contributions and a heroic struggle against a difficult background and needs our continued support and work.

The coming months will be a very difficult time indeed for the working class and we need the analysis that the Star provides to negotiate through this crisis.

So please support the continued work and make every effort to attend this years AGM.


This year’s Wales Morning Star conference has attracted a quality line up of speakers from across the progressive political community and will be the first opportunity for an in depth debate and discussion on how to co-ordinate the fight back against the reactionary Con-Dem Westminster coalition.

Morning Star – Cynhadledd Cymru – Wales Conference

Dydd Sadwrn, Gorffennaf 24, 10.30 to 4.00 Saturday, July 24 – YMCA, Taff Street, Pontypridd, CF37 4TS


SOS – Saving our services

Edwina Hart Labour AM & Welsh Assembly Government health minister

Dominic MacAskill UNISON Wales head of local government

Jill Evans Plaid Cymru MEP

John Haylett Morning Star political editor

A National Assembly for the people

Mick Antoniw Labour NAW candidate Pontypridd

Pippa Barlotti Green Party

Leanne Wood Plaid Cymru AM

Rick Newnham Welsh Communist Party secretary

Trade unions to the fore

Rob Williams Unite convenor

Mike Payne GMB regional officer

Sian Wibblin PCS & Wales TUC president

Rob Griffiths Communist Party general secretary

Am fanylion pellach neu I sicrhau lle yn y gynhadledd hon, cysyllter a’r trefnydd


For further information or to book a place at this conference, contact Roger Bevan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. 07879625665



...Cymru Cuba, in conjunction with the United Nations Association, presents...

Cuba, Women and Internationalism - a public event with guest speakers

Carolina Amador Pérez & Ana Milagros Martínez Rielo from the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC)

The Temple of Peace, King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff

7pm on Wednesday 16th June

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). It is one of the largest women's organisations in the world, with more than 3 million members aged 14 and above. The activities of the FMC has contributed to the achievement of women now making up 42% of elected parliamentary positions in Cuba. So this is a unique opportunity to hear first hand about the achievements made by women in Cuba over the last 50 years, the challenges they still face, and the latest news from the island.

Six months after the Haiti earthquake almost 1000 Cuban trained medics are still volunteering in the country. The meeting will also provide an update on Cuba’s support in the country and show a short film about the role Cuban doctors in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Entry to the event is FREE


Sefydlir Cymdeithas 'Niclas y Glais' ar faes yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol yng Glyn Ebwy ym mis Awst.

Roedd Niclas - sef Thomas Evan Nicholas - yn gymrawd Keir Hardie yn y Blaid Lafur Annibynol ym Merthyr Tudful o amgylch y Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf. Fe oedd golygydd tudalen Cymraeg papur newyddion Hardie a'i blaid, sef y Merthyr Pioneer.

Yna, ymunodd Niclas a'r Blaid Gomwinyddol pan sefydlwyd y blaid honno ym 1920.

Fe ddaeth yn un o feirdd enwogaf Cymru yn ystod y 20fed ganrif, gan ennill 30 o gadeiriau eisteddfodol.

Taranai cerddi Niclas yn erbyn cyfalafiaeth, imperialaeth, brenhiniaeth a phob math o anghyfiawnder a gormes. Dedfrydwyd i'r garchar ar ddechrau'r Ail Ryfel Byd, ar gymhelliad Prif Gwnstabl Sir Aberteifi, gelyn democratiaeth ac edmygydd Hitler - ond fe ryddhawyd yn fuan yn sgil ymgyrch frwd gan bobl gyffredin ac enwogion o bob liw gwleidyddol.

Nodwedd arall barddoniaeth Niclas oedd ei gariad am bobl a broydd ei eni a'i yrfa fel pregethwr, deintydd a Chomiwnydd, sef Sir Benfro, Glais ger Abertawe, a chymoedd glo Morgannwg. Dangosai sut roedd yn bosibl i fod yn chwyldroadwr cydwladol ac yn wladgarwr yr un pryd.

Prif nod y gymdeithas newydd fydd i ddathlu a lledaenu gwaith a syniadau Niclas y Glais, gan drefnu gweithgareddau a chyhoeddiadau i'r perwyl hwn, yn y ddwy iaith ond yn anad dim trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg, sef unig iaith ei lenydda ei hun.

Am fanylion pellach, cysyllter a Gareth Miles: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ffon 07981 699041.

Summary: A new society to celebrate the life, ideas and work of famous Communist poet T.E. Nicholas will be launched at the National Eisteddod in August, in Ebbw Vale. He was a close comrade of Keir Hardie and edited the Welsh language page of the Merthyr Pioneer, before joining the Communist Party on its foundation in 1920.

His poems rage against capitalism, imperialism, monarchism and all kinds of kind of injustice and oppression.

'Niclas y Glais', to use his bardic name, was imprisoned by the pro-fascist Chief Constable of Cardiganshire near the beginning of the Second World War - but was released following a big all-party campaign.

His poems demonstrate not only his internationalism (he wrote about Russia, Spain, Cuba), but also his patriotism, and his love for the people of Pembrokeshire and the coal valleys of Glamorgan where he was born, worked as a brewer and a dentist, and preached Christianity and then Communism.

For more information, contact Gareth Miles: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. 07981 699041


George Baker - Gelli- Rhondda

Over two hundred people attended a memorial meeting for George Baker in Gelli, Rhondda, South Wales at the weekend (October 23rd 1982).

George Baker was an outstanding Communist and an International Brigadier, died in September 1982 aged eighty.

The speakers at the memorial meeting emphasised George Bakers' active role in the Communist party throughout the whole of his life.

Veteran Communist Idris Cox former Secretary of the Welsh Committee of the Communist party, recalled George as one of the great generation of fighters in the Rhondda. He joined the Communist party in 1938 after returning from fighting fascism in Spain.

Bill Alexander commander of the British Battalion in the Spanish civil War (he served in the elite Anti TankBattery with fellow Welsh miners Jim Brewer, Morgan Harvard, Archie Cook and north Walian miner Tom Jones) said George was one of 122 who went to Spain from Wales and they brought back an understanding that by united struggle fascism could be defeated.

(On Bakers return from fighting in Spain, he and Archie Cook arrived to a heroes welcome, streets decorated with flags and bunting. At Ystrad-Rhondda 300 people attended a meeting where the two Rhondda heroes were presented with special wrist watches inscribed with the words "For Democracy in Spain 1936-8 from Ward Four Anti Fascists

Communist Councillor Arthur True spoke of George Baker contesting over twenty four times (Since 1948) before being elected as a Rhondda Communist councillor in 1964. "George Baker gave the Communist Party in the Rhondda a view of confidence. He knew that the future was for the people". Communist councillor Annie Powell described George Baker's contribution to the trade union movement and his fight for improvements in the mining industry (Baker was active in the Park and Dare National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Lodge Committee and Secretary of Park & Dare Workingmen's Hall in the Rhondda. He was key in securing the establishment of a Civic Theatre)

The meeting was chaired by Cliff True and there were representatives of local trade union organisations and political parties and the Old Age pensioners Association

Hywel Francis described George Baker as "Symbolising the continuing "fighting on all fronts" traditions of the International Brigades. All his activities were voluntary, all were important, and were in the Lewis Jones Mould - a full time activist. Relentless in local authority contests, active in his union and in Park & Dare Hall, supporter of local Peace Movement (CND), Rhondda Blind, OAPO Association above all owner of a Daily Worker and Morning Star round which competed in size with the Football Echo. For the people of Treorchy, Gelli, Pentre and Ystrad he was a real Communist"

Source: Morning Star Tuesday 26th October1982


The Welsh Communist Party received the following query from an ancestor searcher interested in discovering his communist roots.  If anyone has any information that would help Steven could they please e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello, I wondered if you could point me in the right direction?

I am tracing my family tree and have come across many references to the Communist Party in South Wales.   Particularly with the miners.   It seems my great grandfather Philip Jones (usually spelt with one 'l') was as some point "Chairman of the Maesteg Urban County Council".   I am wondering whether my great grandfather had anything to do with this as it fits in with the timescale.  I have come across this quote.

"Marxism Today, June 1979 (extract)

"Prior to 1927 the Labour and Communist Parties usually agreed upon a common candidate, and mostly won". Who won? Was it the Labour or the Communist nominee? In actual fact the Rhondda Borough Labour Party was disaffiliated in 1927, as was the Maesteg Labour Party (of which I was chairman) for not carrying out the anti-Communist decisions of the 1925 Liverpool conference of the Labour Party."

Communist Strongholds in Inter-War Britain, Idris Cox

Also, some others in a branch of my family were also Communists in South Wales.

I have looked online for any History of the Communist Party in South Wales, but have yet not found anything.


Steven Devote


Throughout its history the Communist Party has sought to fulfil its role as the vanguard party of the broader working class movement, and in doing so has at various points had the entire capitalist state apparatus brought down upon it.  Throughout the bulk of history, the Communist Party has also combined a propensity for building unified working class militancy in Britain with a steely commitment to internationalism.

The need has never been greater for a strong Communist Party in Britain to build working class unity and provide strategic direction for the labour movement to inform, organize and mobilize working people to counteract the ruling class offensive.

The new Lib-Con government are gearing up for swinging cuts in the public sector.  Slashing wages, jobs, pension entitlements and introducing charges for service users are all on the cards.

But there is an alternative. The People’s Charter was launched by the Communist Party and now has the full support of the TUC.  This is a broad initiative to unify the left and the labour movement and mobilize millions in support of an antidote to the neo-liberal consensus of the Tories, LibDems and New Labour.

Now we need to build a movement around it. One which takes forward the experiences gained in 90 years of industrial, ideological and political class struggle, putting forward a programme which could open the way to a real fight for working class political power.  Never was there a more urgent need for Britain’s Communist Party.  Rooted in the mass movement and the organized working class, it is growing in size and influence.

Only lack of resources holds us back. So the communist Party is unashamed in asking for your money. No sum is too small.  But we need big money too.  So give to the appeal until it hurts… the bosses.

The target for the Party in Wales is £2,609.00.

(A guide for donations Waged £70.00, Reduced waged £35.00, Unwaged £12.00, Reduced unwaged £6.00)

Please send your cheques (made payable to ‘WCCPB’) to Welsh Communist Party, PO BOX 69, Pontypridd, CF37 9AB.

Alternatively you can make out a Standing Order to the Welsh Communist Party by cutting out and completing the standing order below)



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Saturday 5th at 11 am (Assemble at the Millenium Centre for a March & rally at City Hall) UAF March & Rally against the EDL/WDL.  Searchlight Cymru will also be organising a public leafleting prior to the South African v Wales match.

Sunday 6th at 1.30 pm in Cayo Arms, Cathedral Road, Cardiff - PPPS AGM

Saturday 19th June

Morning Star conference


Sunday 4th 11 am at Cardiff Castle gates

Morning Star Sponsored Walk

Saturday 24th July 11 am – 4 pm at YMCA in Pontypridd

Wales Morning Star Conference ‘THE FIGHT BACK STARTS NOW!’ (See earlier article for details) 

31st July to 7th August

Morning Star stall on the Eisteddfod Maes


Saturday 14th from 2 pm in Efail Isaf

Welsh Communist Party fund raising BBQ

21st – 22nd August in Borth

Welsh Communist Party’s Summer School


Sunday 26th at 12 pm in Clwb y Bont, Pontypridd

Welsh Communist Party’s Executive Committee meeting


30th – 31st

51st Congress Communist Party of Britain


Friday 26th at 7.30 pm – venue tbc

Gwyn Alf Williams’ Memorial Lecture

27th – 28th in YMCA, Pontypridd

Communist University of Wales

If you are not already a member of the Welsh Communist Party, and would like to join, then you can make an application here.