Communists pledged at the weekend to help build the People's Assembly movement across Wales.

Welsh CP secretary Trevor Jones said that Chancellor Osborne's 'anti-people' budget and the Labour Party's 'feeble' response underlined the importance of building a mass movement against austerity and privatisation.
'The Welsh Assembly government and some local authorities have worked hard to minimise the damage being done by Tory-LibDem cuts, but the dyke is crumbling', he told the party's Welsh Committee in Cardiff yesterday.
Mr Jones committed Welsh communists to work with its left and progressive allies to strengthen existing local People's Assembly groups and establish new ones.
'Local campaigns are springing up to defend services in many local communities and these now need to be linked with trade unions who are resisting attacks on their pay and union facility time', he insisted.
The Welsh CP believes that all-Wales coordination will be necessary in order to mobilise the anti-austerity movement across the country, focusing on the London coalition government while also criticising the Welsh government and local councils where they fail to stake steps within their power to protect local jobs and services.
Welsh communists also sounded the alarm about 'a deliberate Tory-inspired campaign to rubbish the NHS in Wales' because the Welsh Labour government has so far refused to push health services down the privatisation road.
'While the NHS should never be immune from constructive criticism, there is no doubt that the recent spate of anti-NHS stories in the British and Welsh media is highly organised and designed to undermine both the NHS and Welsh Labour's preference for social democratic rather than neo-liberal policies', Mr Jones commented.
The Welsh CP urged the Welsh government not to provide its enemies with more ammunition by allowing the reorganisation of health services to be driven by cost-cutting considerations instead of patient care.
The Welsh Committee also put the finishing touches to a new edition of its programme 'Real Power for the People of Wales', which will be launched at the forthcoming Wales TUC conference in Llandudno.