Communists in Wales are stepping up to contest local elections in May. The emphasis is on local campaigning and the promotion of the Programme for Real Power for the People of Wales. Candidates will drawn from the CP and allies. If you wish to get involved as a candidate, supporter or election activist, read on.

To all Welsh communists and friends
Dear comrades,
Council elections 2012
The Welsh Communist Party is seeking volunteers to stand as communist candidates in the forthcoming council elections.
The key dates are as follows:
Publication of notice of election not later that 27th March 
Delivery of nomination papers (from the date stated on the election papers)
Deadline for delivery of nomination papers 4th April 2012 
Publication of statement of persons nominated 10th April 2012
Deadline for withdrawals 11Th April 2012
These are the provisional dates set out by the Electoral Commission.
I need Party branches to provide me with the details of those comrades who intend to stand and in which wards (comrades can also volunteer directly by e-mailing me).
I will be the Party’s election agent to enable us to get the ball going as quickly as possible.
As well as putting across our programme for Wales the Party will also need to concentrate on immediate local issues if we are going to attract votes, I would therefore be grateful if branches could supply me with a list of local issues we can look at for leafleting.
Comradely regards 
John Morrisey
Elections co-ordinator
Executive committee
Welsh Communist Party
Y Blaid Gomiwnyddol   Communist Party
Blwch Post/PO Box 69, Pontypridd CF37 9AB
Ysgrifennydd  RICK NEWNHAM  Secretary
0797 3857048