Communists in Wales are to stand 20 candidates in the forthcoming elections to the Wales Assembly on 5 May. This bold initiative,  will also gain the CP space on television from which it is so often excluded. But elections cost money and that is where you can make a difference. If you want to help or donate contact us.

Welsh Communist Party £3000.00 Assembly Election Appeal


The Welsh Communist Party is for the second time contesting seats across the whole of Wales (the first time was in 2007) on 5th May 2011, standing 20 candidates in the five regions. 


In so doing, the Communist Party will qualify for TV and radio election broadcasts; an excellent opportunity to argue the case for a socialist response to this capitalist crisis to tens of thousands of people in Wales.


The Communist Party is also planning to hold meetings across the length and breadth of Wales and produce and distribute thousands of leaflets, stickers and posters.


All of these political commitments will cost money, money the Party doesn’t yet have, e.g. £2500.00 (Broadcast production); £2500.00 (Candidate deposits); £500.00 (20,000 leaflets).


The Communist Party is therefore calling on all its members and friends to make a contribution, large or small, to ensure that we can carry out our political work and ensure that we continue to develop as the main party of the Left in Wales. 


The target is to raise £3000.00 plus from members and supporters which, along with £2500.00 from Party reserves, will fund this election contest.