As the Con-Dem coalition government prepares the most savage cuts in public services for decades, trade unionists and socialists are meeting in Pontypridd this weekend at the second annual Wales Morning conference.


Welsh Assembly government health minister Edwina Hart will lead an important session on 'SOS - Saving Our Services'. The Labour AM will be joined by UNISON Wales head of local government Dominic MacAskill, Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans and Morning Star political editor John Haylett.


The meeting will also be looking forward to the referendum next year on granting greater powers to the National Assembly of Wales.


The prospects will be discussed by Pontypridd Labour candidate for the assembly Mick Antoniw, Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood, Welsh Communist Party secretary Rick Newnham and Pippa Barlotti from the Green Party.


The trade unions in Wales will be central in the campaigns to defend public services and win legislative and financial powers for the National Assembly.


In the session 'Trade Unions to the Fore', Wales TUC president Sian Wiblin will consider how they can play a leading role in the battles to come. Rob Williams will bring his experience as victimised Unite convenor at Lanamar car plant to the discussion, not least the value of industrial and solidarity action which helped secure his reinstatement.


Communist Party general secretary and Unite member Robert Griffiths will also be taking part in what promises to be a lively debate on the way forward.    


'Last year's founding conference was a big success, bringing together socialists, Communists, trade unionists and peace campaigners from across the progressive spectrum', according to Wales Morning Star organiser Roger Bevan.


He sees the Morning Star playing a major unifying role in the coming period. 


'We must find ways of strengthening left and labour movement unity, as the basis for building mass popular campaigns to protect vital services and take forward devolution', he points out.


'That's why all roads should lead to Pontypridd this Saturday!' 


The Wales Morning Star conference will be held on Saturday July 24, from 10.20 am until 4 pm, at the YMCA, Taff St., Pontypridd. Admission is free. For further details contact Roger Bevan on 07879 626665 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.