Communists in Cambridge have met to regenerate the CP branch and sketch out a plan of action for the forthcoming general election which includes building for a major event for the People's Charter.



The CP has a tradition of organising in the City going back to the 1920s and has stood candidates in local and general elections. The oldest member of the branch is 88 and joined the CP in 1956, but most members have joined or rejoined recently. All either work or live in Cambridge and are active trades unionists in the area including on the trades council, in the Peace and Stop the War Movements and in anti cuts in public services campaigns.

The branch meeting adopted a number of motions and a political statement and spent time thinking creatively on how best to develop campaigns.

Internally there will be a focus on keeping organisation business like to make way for a regular slot for education aimed at studying Marxism bringing it to new and younger members. It is also planned to hold such events for supporters and non members.

It was agreed to focus on the development of a People's Charter campaign. The branch is writing to the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and TUSC candidates in the coming elections seeking to secure their support for the Charter. The branch has established a Morning Star Readers and Supporter's Group which is affiliated to the Labour Representation Committee. Comrades take an active part in this and the LRC and have recently been invited to lead discussion at the Cambridge University Marxist Society. Contact has been made with other such society's in the City.

The next branch meeting will map out how to gather increased support for the Charter and plan a city event.

This was a really upbeat meeting full of ideas and volunteers. A branch committee was elected consisting of a Chair and Secretary, treasurer, trade union officer and a communications officer. The committee will do much of its work and organising using moodle and electronic communications, thus freeing up precious time to do the real work of building the socialist movement in the city.