The results of the CP Development Fund have been announced for 2014 and its good news for a number of local party branches, districts and nation committees.

Submissions to the  CP Development Fund are made by party branches and committees. This allows them to claim for local support from a Fund to which the whole party and supporters make donations. Its aim is to promote  activity to build the CP and local labour movement. Submissions are made once a year in September.

Any activity can be proposedto attract funding  from holding local meetings and events, education classes, local campaigns, street activity, publications, conferences and day schools.

This year the successful submissions included a strong element of either education or recruitment.

Funds are allocated for party building to the following areas: 

  • the north west district which is convening a district party building school, 
  • Education classes in Marxism in Northampton, Shrewsbury, Worcester and Nottingham
  • To the Scottish committee for re equipping party office and a recruitment day school
  • A new banner for the party branch in Leicester
  • New equipment for Cumbria including a street stall kit
  • Northern District website

In addition, because of the healthy subscription to the Development Fund, the party Executive decided at its January meeting, to allocate a start-up grant for new branches to help towards the cost of hiring rooms, staging events and building local campaign activity.

Those branch organisers/secretaries who want to find out more about how to send in submissions to the CP Development Fund should contact their district/nation secretary for more information.