A delegation from the Somerset branch of the CPB recently visited the Marx Memorial Library at Clerkenwell Green.

They were shown around the library after the Director, Dr John Callow, gave an illuminative history of the library and its place in British Working Class History.  He explained the function of the library today, its ongoing commitment to Marxist education serving as a resource base for the trade union and progressive movement with its very wide range of Marxist material, archives and book collections.

Highlights of the tour were being shown the small office which Lenin shared with Harry Quelch when the Socialist journal “Justice” was produced and printed in the building. Lenin used the office to produce "Iskra" which after printing was smuggled through various channel to Czarist Russia.  Another highlight was the exhibition commemorating the Spanish Civil War with some telling reminders of that battle to stop Fascism. Outside, the library has created a small peaceful garden to commemorate the comrades who gave their lives for freedom and democracy.  It was a splendid visit reinforced by John Callow'’s immense knowledge and expertise, plus a nice lunch in the Crown pub!